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momfuku pork buns

The buns take a bit more time but work the effort as they come out soft and plushy and goes well with the juicy pork and quick-pickled cucumber. I was able to find these little cucumbers at the local asian supermarket with was a perfect veggie addition to the plate.

As it it with other Momofuku recipes that I have attempted, simple to do but takes bit of your time to make. Invite some friends over on a lazy sunday late lunch. Very tasty and makes enough for 6 with plenty of leftovers.

Buns: recipe from the Momofuku book

Pork: see porkbelly from the ramen post

Quick pickled cucmbers: recipe from the Momofuku book

hoisin sauce
green onion


momofuku ramen with all the trimming

This is a tedious process but not very hard to do. Broth is something that is worth making when it’s main part of the dish such as ramen.

Konbu, shitake mushrooms, pork neck (roasted and then into the broth), chicken leg, onion, green onion, carrot. Flavored with tare at the end to season and deepen the flavor!

Tare (yakitori bbq sauce):
Made with chicken back (roasted then into the broth), soy sauce, sugar.

Pork Belly:
Marinate overnight with salt, sugar and then roasted using 2 methods: high low, low high. Two different methods to cooking porkbelly: baked at high and then at low temperature for hours, or vice versa. I also covered the low high with parchment and cooked it for total for 3 hours. Which one if juicer and tastier? You be the judge.

Pork Shoulder:
Marinate overnight with salt, sugar and then slow roasted for 6 hours.

Pickled Shitake (mushrooms):
Spent from making the broth and then marinated in a small pot with vinegar, soya sauce, sugar, salt.

Slow Poached Eggs:
This didn’t turn out this time around but you can see from the previous post – Pan-roasted asparagus with miso butter.

Bought from the asian grocer and sliced.  This is not shown in the photo simply because I forgot until everyone left.

Bought from the asian grocer as trimming. This is not shown in the photo simply because I forgot until everyone left.