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tips on cleaning skinned fruits & vegetables

To clean the pesticides of skinned fruits and vegetables rub some baking soda and rinse! Cool tip from beyondkimchi. The baking soda will help clean the lingering pesticides on the surface!


eggs eggs eggs!

When you’re in hurry or forget to plan ahead and the recipe calls for room temperature eggs use this great tip from Faux Martha :

“Whenever a recipe calls for ‘room temperature’ eggs, you don’t have to plan hours in advance. You can place your eggs in a bowl of lukewarm water for about five minutes to do the trick. It’s especially helpful for whipping eggs for desserts.”  — Kasey, Turntable Kitchen

Another trick that I use when I forget and the recipe calls for room temperature butter: Cut up the butter in little blocks and microwave at 10 sec intervals. Make sure it’s not melted and has just softened. Happy baking!